During the installation process you already setup the first user account. You can setup more accounts very easily. (Please follow the installation steps first if you haven't yet)

Adding a new account

Go to site/panel/accounts and duplicate an exisiting account file. Rename the file to match your username.

Here are some examples:

username: peter => filename: peter.php
username: paul  => filename: paul.php
username: mary  => filename: mary.php 

You must only use the following characters for usernames: a-z0-9_-

Open your new account file in your favorite editor and change the credentials:

username: yourusername
password: yourpassword
language: en


The Kirby panel has built-in language support for English and German. Set language: to en or de to set the interface-language for the user.

Password encryption

By default account files use plain passwords. If you want to use encrypted passwords instead, you can do it like this:


username: yourusername
password: be1109d4a1ba36a23733c30a23f3428fd0c2ed7d
encrypt:  sha1
language: en


username: yourusername
password: 0cbc6611f5540bd0809a388dc95a615b
encrypt:  md5
language: en

Custom fields

You are free to add your own fields to store with each account

username: yourusername
password: yourpassword
language: en
name:     John Doe
phone:    444-1234