Before we move on with stuff you can add to your templates I want to talk about snippets first. Snippets are little pieces of html, which you can re-use in any template. Snippets help you keeping your templates organized. They are located in site/snippets. You can add as many as you want/need.

Embedding snippets in your templates

Embedding them in your templates is very straightforward.
If your snippet file is called mysnippet.php simply embed it in your templates like this:

span class="st0">'mysnippet'

You can even embed snippets inside of snippets. How cool is that?

You will find a bunch of demo snippets inside site/snippets, which you can use for your own templates. I plan to have a shared snippet repository later, where everybody can take part and upload their own snippets.

Passing variables to snippets

Sometimes you might need to pass some variables from your template to a snippet or from a snippet to a deeper embedded snippet. No big deal! In your template you pass variables to your snippets like this:

span class="st0">'My Super Awesome Var';


…and in mysnippet.php you can access them like this:

span class="co1">// should echo: 'My Super Awesome Var'