Formatting Text


Kirby has a built-in converter for the fantastic Markdown syntax by John Gruber. Markdown is a way to add formats in plain text with easy learnable and understandable tags. To offer more site-specific features Kirby has its own version of Markdown called Kirbytext.

To learn more about how to format text with Kirbytext please follow the
Kirby Text Formatting Tutorial


To use the Kirbytext converter in your templates, you can call it like this:


More ways to work with text

html($text) or h($text)

Converts the given text to valid HTML. This is very handy to make sure your content will be displayed correctly.



Converts the given text to valid xml. This is very handy for feeds.



Converts new lines to breaks and also converts the text to HTML.



Convert markdown from your content files to valid HTML. This makes it super easy to add nice rich content to your pages, without knowing HTML.


excerpt($text, $length=140)

Extracts a short excerpt of a text and makes sure that words are not messed-up and html tags are stripped properly. You can define the number of maximum characters with the second parameter.