Site Variable ($site)

The site variable is the mother of all variables in Kirby. It's a huge object which contains everything else. You will find more about this later, but the most important parts for your templates are:

Site Title


This is defined in content/site.txt and you can use that to set the global name of your site and probably use it for the title tag in your templates.

Site Description


This is defined in content/site.txt as well and will hold the description for your description meta tag.

Site Keywords


Well, that one is defined in content/site.txt again and I guess you know what you can do with that :)



Returns the date and time of the site’s most recent modification.

Your own global Site Variables

In general all the fields you define in the content/site.txt file will be available that way. So if you define a field for copyright for example:

Copyright: John Doe

You can access it in your templates like this:


BTW: Field names will always be converted to lowercase variables.


The site variable also contains an URI object, which has some nice information about the current url, path and query.

To learn more about the URI object, please read the URI tutorial…