Translating URLs

I put a lot of effort to create nice URLs with Kirby. Something like:

This is more readable for your visitors and also for search engines.

But when you are working with a multi-language site project you will be facing the problem, that those URLs should somehow be translatable.

So what you can do with mulit-language support activated is to add a new field to your content files, to provide a translation for the URL.

Here's a quick example – English is the default language:


title: My Title
text: This is the text for the projects page


title: Mein Titel
URL-Key: projekte
text: Das ist der Text für die Projekt Seite

The URL for the English translation will be:

and the URL for the German translation will be:

You don't need to add URL-Key to your text files for your default language. Kirby will take the folder name in that case.